RSOS 10th results 2013 RSOS Results , Rajasthan State Open School, RSOS Rajasthan Results, RSOS Result 2013 12th, RSOS Result 2013 10th, Rajasthan State Open School (RSOS)

RSOS 10th results 2013 coming soon.
Rajasthan State Open School also called RSOS has not announced Rajasthan Open Class 10th and 12th results 2012 as yet. Students waiting for their Rajasthan Open School Class 10th and 12th results 2012 need to wait few more days for the results.
RSOS results 2012 Class 10th and 12th is expected to be announced soon. Whenever any information related to Rajasthan State Open School Results 2012 comes, it will be announced here on EduNoddy
If you are looking for more information about RSOS Admissions and RSOS Results 2012, visit the oficial website of the Board, link provided below.
Best of Luck.Official Website: Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur
RSOS Results: RSOS Result 2012 – Rajasthan State Open School Rajasthan State Open School Results 2013

The Board has announced the Time Table/Date Sheet for Examinations to be conducted during the year 2012. Candidates can see the time table at following link : Click here for Time Table

Rsos 12th results

RSOS 10th results 2013 RSOS Results , Rajasthan State Open School, RSOS Rajasthan Results, RSOS Result 2013 12th, RSOS Result 2013 10th, Rajasthan State Open School (RSOS)


ALL rsos results timetables Rajasthan State Open School

Admission and Fees

385 references scattered throughout the State centers (AI’s) through secondary and higher secondary courses are admitted. Reference list of these centers is at Appendix 1. You can register by going to your nearest referral center. The act of registration is started from 01 July.

Anupti context of changes in the center is not so very carefully choose your reference center.

3.1 Admission dates for registration

Applicants for registration for all reference centers on the following dates:

  • July 1, 2012 August 17, 2012 (without late fee) at the reference centers,
  • August 18, 2012 to September 15, 2012 to (250 / – Rs. Late fee) including all reference centers,
  • September 16, 2012 to September 30, 2012 to (350 / – Rs. Late fee) including all reference centers,
  • October 1, 2012 October 31, 2012 (500 / – Rs. Late fee) including all reference centers.


(I) 31 अक्टूबर, 2012 after any candidate applying for the 2012-13 season – the paper will not be accepted.

(Ii) public holiday, the next working day on Sunday as the closing date will be validated automatically.

3.2 Admission Process

  • Reference center for the candidate to deposit fee brochure (including applications) gain.
  • References to the Rajasthan State Open School for registration through the center of the brochure given at the end of the prescribed application forms (in triplicate – original copy, and computer input per second context) only apply.
  • Application Form – must carefully read the instructions before filling.
  • Rajasthan State Open School website to download Application Form – fee in the event of submission of Application Form – Free 50 / – per candidate brochure also more give and receive.
Application Form – Rajasthan State Open School Vebsait can also download.
  • Fixed charges on your selected candidate reference center fully stocked with all applications – including the necessary certificates Muay original papers, and computer input and submit per second.
  • Reference Center – application form and pay the fee by the Centre shall be admitted provisionally.
  • Incomplete / scissoring / Over Writing / false information and certificates without the application – submission of papers on the application of such candidate will be canceled and you will be leaving the responsibility themselves Javegi did not even notice it.


In the beginning of the brochure before filling the application form candidates note ^ ‘^ candidate’s responsibility at the time of submission of the application and in the provided guidelines to keep in mind.

3.3 Access and identity cards to settle

Secondary / high school admissions process to be registered by Rajasthan State Open School identity cards will be drawn, the candidate will be able to obtain from its reference center. If there are no errors in identification instantly modifying its context so that its contact center can be done. Identity cards will be issued only once. Therefore all candidates to complete the course in Rajasthan State Open School Preserve your ID card.

3.4 Secondary and Higher Secondary level qualifications necessary for admission

To register for secondary and higher secondary level entry table 2 (a, b, c) and the related certificate as the minimum age and minimum educational qualification – must attach a letter.

Table 2: Admissions Requirements


Secondary Curriculum

High school curriculum

(A) Minimum Age

(B) Supporting documents

July 1, 2012 to 14 years (07.01.1998) on or before birth)

(I) the corporation’s officers or district office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths issued birth certificate – certified copy of the letter to all of them have been born on or after 01.26.1989. Or

(Ii) the transfer certificate from the previous school – paper / original copy of the applicant’s birth certificate migration – date written. The public school transfer certificate / school leaving certificate – must be signed while the private school principal is authorized to perform the functions of the competent educational authority in that State or District Education Officer (DEO) must be countersigned by. Or

(Iii) state-issued birth certificate from the hospital – the date imprinted letters. Or
(Pa) parents by showing first – Category / Sub – Divisional Magistrate / have been signed by notaries public. (The birth – date imprinted)

July 1, 2012 to 15 years on or before birth 01/07/1997)

(I) any recognized secondary / high school, a certified copy of a birth certificate to get hammered.

(Ii) in the secondary classroom for any other proof of age will not be valid. And

(Iii) the date imprinted secondary classroom Anktalika not attach a copy of the certificate to the Board.


(I) the birth certificate for age – without any application of the letter – the letter will not be accepted. Application – Born and attached birth certificate in your letter – Letter scissoring / overwriting should not.

(Ii) application written birth date – no changes will be made. So check the date type.

(Iii) Class 10 and 12 for admission to private schools and candidates from outside the state of Rajasthan TC Authorized for this purpose by the competent authority or the District Education Officer should be signed copy.

(Iv) any private school in the state of Rajasthan origin issued by TC Eligibility on departmental orders must be fully and clearly marked numbers and Semis code number.

(C) The minimum educational qualification Grade to ninth grade, no pass / fail and fail secondary classroom,
Self – Certificate (Application Form – as part of the page)
Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Ajmer recognized by the Board of Secondary / High School Certificate Examination.

(I) all documents that should not be asserted with the application shall be rejected and the application fee will not be refunded.

(Ii) if the secondary examination is not passed from a recognized Board (Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Ajmer recognized by the Board / University website see on the list) then considered for admission to higher secondary classes be.

(Iii) Foreign Board / University High School / Secondary Certificate candidates receiving the Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur for admission to upper secondary curriculum Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer Rajasthan recognized Board / University are eligible for admission, but have to provide proof that their examination by the concerned Embassy Indian High School / Secondary Examination equivalent.

(Iv) proof of address for the entry is not mandatory, but the application – paper correspondence for a full, clear and correct type.

(V) Ar.aslo.asl Candidates passed the secondary class for admission in higher secondary classes attached to their original migration.

(Vi) If the candidate for admission to higher secondary courses in the state of Rajasthan, the original Maigersn certificate – attach letter.

3.5 Credit Transfer (T 0 o 0 C 0)

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Ajmer, CBSE, New Delhi (CBSE), the National Institute of Open Schooling, Noida (NIOS), and State Open Schools (SOS) secondary or secondary level, former candidate for the last five-years not been able to complete the course in the period, the Rajasthan State Open School, graduated in a course with a maximum of two subjects (study and test contained in the plan) can get transfer points in the last five years the subject 33 per cent If you were to (ie be passed in 2008 or after). Credit transfers in the plan (i.e. C) says. In the following cases Tilolsil The facility will allow -

Candidates Credit Transfer (Tilolsil) at the time of application for admission to the Ar.aslo.asl Have been included in the study plan. Then a Tilolsil The case will not be considered.

  1. Described above board Kradit transfer failed candidate can make a maximum of two subjects, but these are the two topics were passed in the same year.
  2. Only those subjects Tilolsil Will be given the benefit of the Rajasthan State Open School Study – Plan and test – are contained in the plan.
  3. Rajasthan State Open School, a subject which is not included in the study plan and test plan such as: Hindi literature, Urdu literature, English literature, Sanskrit literature, economic and financial studies, agriculture classes in biology, chemistry, physics, fine arts classes (Fine Art Group), painting, etc., in Sanskrit primer Tilolsil The benefit will be payable.
  4. Admission Application Form – the Tilolsil Subject, Subject Code, board code and a full description of the marks must be filled correctly. Both theoretical and experimental points obtained at the secondary level required to determine the location of isolated type.
  5. Experimental subjects in secondary course credits will transfer the benefits payable to those candidates that topic in both theoretical and applied separately graduation.
  6. Granted by the Board concerning the Anktalika application – essentially enclosed with the letter. There Anktalika of lamination will not be accepted. Application Form – for not en suite with the original Anktalika Tilolsil The benefit will be payable. The original Anktalika later on or sent separately will not be considered. Tilolsil Of candidates to take advantage of the Anktalika-refundable.
  7. Anktalika attached to the original cut – and vague to be torn Tilolsil The benefit will be payable.
  8. Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur at the time of registration, the candidate for the additional subject areas in the Tilolsil Will not benefit.
  9. Credit transfers (Tilolsil) for the benefit of fee per subject 100 / – the amount of the payment. Charges (Table 3) according remind necessarily.

S Ar.aslol those candidates re-entry will not, whose entry is still valid.

3.6 Re-entry

Rajasthan State Open School registered candidates to complete the prescribed course of five years they have not passed the session 2012-13 at the re-taking (table -3) are registered on the rules.

3.7 Re-entry transfer of credits (Tilolsil) Advantages

Rajasthan State Open School re-entering Ar.aslo.asl Four registered candidates who have passed the pre-existing (study and test plans) subjects in the credit transfer (Tilolsil) can benefit from. Provided these topics have been passed in the last ten years (ie, passed in 2005 or after). Tilolsil Remind necessarily for the benefit of the prescribed fee. Tilolsil The remaining rules will keep intact.


(I) Abrerthyti. Olsil Apply for admission at the time, i.e. C for. Application Form – essentially enclose with the original Anktalika. Then a Tilolsil The case will not be considered.

(Ii) Tilolsil Registration must be the subject of the subjects.

(Iii) Tilolsil Have necessarily for the benefit of the prescribed fee.

Failure to complete the above candidate TOA C conditions.’s Benefits will be paid, which shall be no separate notice.

3.8. Under the dual enrollment or partial secondary and higher secondary courses to enhance the educational qualification candidate has partially admitted, at least according to your preferences may register a maximum of four subjects. Registration and Examination subjects must be passed in addition to course topics. Anktalika be given only on the candidate passing. She no evidence – and their credit card will not transfer (Tilolsil) the benefits would be payable.


(I) The candidate who seeks admission to the course must have passed the course. Application Form – Qualification with Anktalika / necessarily enclose a copy of the certificate to verify the date imprinted.

(Ii) Candidates admitted to upper secondary curriculum for Born necessarily attach Anktalika passed his secondary course.

(Iii) the passing of subjects taking partial entry will not be valid.

  • In the future, in any case once the fee will neither be refunded nor adjusted.
  • Do not pay any additional fees required and fees.

3.9 Description of duties

Secondary and Higher Secondary prescribed fees for the courses are given in Table -3. Carefully read the Application Form – Fix with fee. It is also the first Warski first exam

Public examinations

Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur by public examinations twice a year (April – May and October-November on the scheduled dates) are held. First registered candidate in 2012 April-May 2013 exam can. These candidates separately test application – filing is not required. Subjects who wants to test the candidate, they are subject to the Application Form – Fill the column number Javen -23 clear. Session 2008-2009, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, registered candidates in the subjects who did not pass the test application for the next year following the public examination room filled Tithiyaँnusar remind:

Test application brochure is attached with the photocopy of the examinations may also be used. AIG it yourself From free or Ar.aslo.asl can get Can also be downloaded from the website.

1. October-November Examination

  • From July 1 until July 15 (without late fees)
  • July 16 to July 20 (Rs 15 / – per subject, including late fees)
  • July 21 until July 30 (Rs 500 / – including extraordinary late fee)

2. April-May examination

  • January 1 by January 15 (without late fees)
  • From January 16 to January 20 (Rs 15 / – per subject, including late fees)
  • From January 21 until January 31 (Rs 500 / – including extraordinary late fee)

5.2 test application instructions to fill

1. April-May and October-November in Rajasthan State Open School held the target dates for the application of public examination center must apply in their context. Exceptional candidates applying their applications with late fee – will present both papers stored at the reference center.

2. Each time for each public examination candidate test application – Fill in the fee table, and each time the test will have to proceed according -5.

3. Reference center at the time of the selected exam Application Form – Deposit.

4. Application Form – This is the time when the candidate is given to him to take care that the test subjects, the test application the subject – Javen filled paper. Additional topics on the subject of additional fill the slot.

5. Each nomination will remain the same for the public examination which was allocated at the time of registration. The candidate’s examination enrollment wrong type Application Form – to be nullified. Therefore, carefully fill out the nomination.

6. Examination Application Form – the subject and the subject code right – the right fill. Discrepancies in the subject code subject candidates will not be allowed to sit in that subject.

7. Examination Application Form – fill out recently Ar.aslo.asl Issued by the failing grade Anktalika Anktalika pass a copy of a copy of Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations (both) must also attach the.

8. Five years after completion of the test application is not complete 9 opportunities.

9. Session of examinations conducted in 2012-13 in addition to the application for the next tests in a test application brochure – letter, copies of the photographs may be used. Additional copies can be obtained free of charge from the reference center.

10. Candidate other than its reference center is not allowed to reference center on the examination fee. In this case, the candidate will not be allowed to sit the examination.

11. No candidate may not sit the exam at the reference center, where he is registered. Rather determined by the Rajasthan State Open School exam candidates to sit the examination center. Rajasthan State Open School examination centers to determine the decision will be final.

12. RSOS Secondary and Higher Secondary level determined by practical examination will be held on the dates set out in the examination centers. The Information Hall Ticket (admission letter) will be given in.

13. To be included in the examination Hall Ticket / reference center will receive the letter.

14. For details on test center and exam dates, starting two weeks before the exam center, contact your references or Rajasthan State Open School website View.

15. Determined by the Rajasthan State Open School examination center other than the center to take the exam, your results will be announced and the work done under your case can be considered incorrect.

16.   Candidates apply their reference center to change the subject.


(I) Candidates admitted to upper secondary curriculum to ensure that secondary to higher secondary level certificate to pass the exam period of two years, is needed. If you do not you coming two-year period from April to May and then from October to November examinations have sat exams in four subjects. The remaining subjects only be eligible to appear for the mandatory two-year period will be completed.

(Ii) Candidates admitted to upper secondary curriculum in the classroom without a two-year period from 10 to 12 while ineligible error class 12 examination of the five subjects and migration certificate Anktalika – Letter receive so such The candidate will be responsible and will not prevail.

(Iii) Aktumber – 10th November 2011 12th grade student qualifies for April – May, 2013 will be eligible to sit on the five subjects.

Theoretical and practical examination in the secondary examination is placed in a single unit and must be qualified in both yoga. The re-examination of both theoretical and applied in a position to have to take part in the examinations.

5.3 Examination – Fees

  • Table 3 & Table -5 examination fee must be paid by all the candidates.
  • Examination fee once deposited will not be returned in any case, nor will be adjusted for the upcoming examinations.
  • No fixed date for submission of examination fee will not be allowed to sit in the examinations.

Passed 5.4 points to include topics

Rajasthan State Open School public examinations are conducted twice a year -

  • 9 times over a period of 5 years the candidate can sit public examinations and pass the numbers of subjects are credited to the candidate’s passing.
  • If a subject in high school courses are practical and theoretical exams are Failing the exam marks of practical examination in case the deposit will be leaving in the next test of the theoretical exam can practical examination will not be required to pay.
  • In order to get a good score you again if you want to be included in the pilot test pilot test can also get more scores than both the Result practical examinations would be those shown in the.
  • Similarly, the theoretical and practical examination failed to pass the exam to be held on the theoretical test scores would be deposited in partial credit.
  • Candidate practical exam fee of only experimental and theoretical exam fee will have to be only theoretical.

Improved 5.5 points

  • Other recognized student Puctwaumdj pass from Bordeaux (Improvement) for Ar.aslo.asl Are not eligible to enter. This feature Ar.aslo.asl For candidates are registered.
  • Rajasthan State Open School candidates allows them to re-examination in the subjects in which he has passed or points to improve the low points wants to do.
  • Candidate for re-examination fee exam application form be submitted. On the occasion of the five-year period will be given only once. Among the topics covered in the practical examination at secondary level points to improve the examination of both theoretical and applied. Better scores in both exams will be given taking into account the points list.
While applying the test application – the letter ‘Improvement’ type course. Receive and pass on migration can not be taken advantage of this feature.

5.6 Anktalika and certificates to be

Rajasthan State Open School’s main objective is to develop the best of your abilities. You will not all subject to the same tough. Some topics only six months so you can study very well. While some subjects in the study may take a year or longer. Keeping this in mind, you also have to test one or two things that you can test to better scores on confidence by. Similarly, you can test the next test in the remaining subjects. As soon as you get good marks in all the subjects, or you are passing in all subjects. Then you will be issued a pass certificate and migration. With the release Maigreshn registration expires.

  • Exam Results – after being declared candidate will receive Anktalika reference center. Muay pass certificate and migration certificate Anktalika candidates would be given.
  • Exam Results – After the Results / candidate name / father / mother / date if there is any kind of discrepancy as per point number 5.10 – application form (Appendix 13) through the center filling the context Bhijwayen .
  • Rajasthan State Open School Candidates native / Transfer / School Leaving / character / birth certificate does not have issues.
  • In case of partial admission exam candidates will be separate certificate shall be available only to the table.
  • Recalculate the revised (lower or higher) points will be final and re-applying for calculating candidate / candidates shall be binding.
  • Candidates do not complete the course, they will not issue a certificate of migration.
Recalculate the revised (lower or higher) points will be final and re-applying for calculating candidate / candidates shall be binding.

In the answer recalculated to 5.7 points

  • If you are sitting in a public examination and test results – if you are not satisfied within 30 days of declaration of results of any topic scrutiny of answer book (recalculate) can apply for. For this, the prescribed form (Appendix 13) shall apply in. In any case you or someone answer book / answer books will not be shown.
  • Scrutiny (recalculate), the revised points or more in the case of a candidate shall be valid. Scrutiny, recount, the candidate receiving the work will be completed within 45 days of the receipt of the application. Scrutiny (recalculate) the sum of the marks again and check the function of the test questions will remain.
  • Muay application recalculate D. Directly Ar.aslo.asl Be transmitted to the office.
  • Refundable application fee will not recalculate canceled. Proceeds from the Ar.aslo.asl Javegi be credited to the fund.
The per subject 200 / – per Charge Director, Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur in favor of the state in the form of bank draft payable at headquarters would give.

5.8 Use of unfair means forbidden

Using unfair means in the examination of the decision by the committee set up by the Rajasthan State Open School candidates will be valid.

5.9 Level of education and recognition

Ar.aslo.asl Of course Indian Board of School Education Board (COBSE) and recognized by the various state boards of secondary education. It separately across the country for admission to many colleges and universities have recognized. Ar.aslo.asl The list of recognized universities that offer courses boards and 10 respectively are given in Appendix 2.

5:10 records the process of

  • If your name ‘or fathers’ name’ or ‘date’ or ‘out’ or ‘Photo’, etc. If an error has been documented through the center with its terms apply.
  • Please note that the modified error documents will be issued only when you have your application Ar.aslo.asl Documents released by false statement (original Anktalika or migration) may be submitted in original.
  • Rajasthan State Open School documents spelling correction / modification process and fees will be as follows: -
Born 2 years after the date of the examination will not amended. First the original name of the student himself / father / mother’s maiden name in original shall be no modification of any kind.

(I) student / student name / father / mother for two years to revise the spelling and space will not be charged. The minimum 100 / – Rs. Then additional 50 / – per annum maximum Rs. 1000 / – will be charged.

Text Book Board premises,
2-2 A, Jalana institutional Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004
Phone: 0141-2705067 Fax: 0141-2705067

RSOS 10th results 2013 RSOS Results , Rajasthan State Open School, RSOS Rajasthan Results, RSOS Result 2013 12th, RSOS Result 2012 10th, Rajasthan State Open School (RSOS)

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